We believe that every industry is unique, in the way that you operate and your security needs, ensuring the safety of your staff, clients, stock and property.

Security Systems have gone from a simple lock and key to enhanced safety and protection through technology, which continues to grow alongside mobile communications and computer programs.

The use of CCTV in the Commercial Sector is to address a range of Security issue's within your business including shop lifting, employee thief, work place accidents, credit card fraud, robbery and assault just to name the most common.

B&M Security designs and installs CCTV systems for business with a competitive priced remote monitoring solution, integrating both internal and external CCTV cameras and intruder detectors. The combination of a CCTV for 24 hour observation and a Monitored Alarm System for after hours support is essential this day in age for all Business

Our Team of Technicians offer experiences and accumulated knowledge with our clients to achieve optimum results based on what you unique business requires, using top reliable products with brands 




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